onformative design

Browsing Nick Feltron’s blog led me to onformative, a Berlin-based design studio that stunningly illustrates what it means to be creative.  The group’s beautifully thoughtful work ranges from visualizing medicine to projection mapping to kinetic art.  It’s too much just to Tweet about.  Favorites:

“Create a new identity for our brand Actelion. Don’t touch the logo, but create something the world of pharma has not seen before.”

Actelion Imagery Wizard from onformative on Vimeo.

Immateriality as material is currently being discovered, opening up a new poetic field in which to narrate with space and information. Location-based metadata waft through the space, and are thereby redefining contexts and places. A new field opens up to designers.”

Kinetic sculpture + VJing machine

Behind the Screen from onformative on Vimeo.


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