TEDx Global Music Project

Audio amusement park!  I’ve spent the 4th of July weekend curating 595 music TEDxTalks for the TEDx Global Music Project.

The variety and passion of these performances sweeps me into a lush appreciation for humanity.  Creativity is beautiful.

Over the past four days I have experienced an invigorating, overwhelming range of sound.  Remixed symphonieselectrified beats and vocal virtuosos who together are redefining what music can be.

The world is wonderful — it takes but a few moments of beautiful to keep this in mind:

Take a time-bending worldwide audio roller coaster ride with the TEDx Global Music Project: a platform for musicians to share their creative innovations and an organized playground for the world to discover and explore sound.

My sincerest appreciation to TED for opening up the world with TEDx.

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