What is TEDx?

TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design – is a pro bono organization that shares intriguing, intellectual, inspiring multimedia presentations from the pinnacles of human achievement.  To me, they demonstrate that the categories of accomplishment continually expand in the presence of persistent discovery.  This is what I think TED promotes through its “ideas worth spreading.”

TEDtalks, as these multimedia presentations are called, run from three to eighteen minutes in length (my personal favorite lasts but six).  Collectively, TEDtalks have been viewed near a billion times worldwide. ~700 talks. ~700,000,000 views.

If TED is new for you, you are in for a treat.   Enjoy.

The curators of ideas worth spreading fittingly shared their concept and created the “independently organized TED event.”  TED becomes TEDx.  Thousands of individuals then curate action by sharing TEDlike ideas.  This catalyzes an entire new level of collaboration and even, as Chris Anderson proposes, crowd sourced innovation.   It’s almost a new societal infrastructure.

This is amazing.   Not only is this one of the most beautiful evolutions of our human race, but the longer term outcome – say, what becomes of TEDx in five, ten years – is wonderfully beyond my imagination.

In my opinion, TEDx is a concept derived from TED.  Its purpose is to procure the finest attribute of humanity:  our capacity for thought.


5 thoughts on “What is TEDx?

  1. Hi Amy,
    the is yet the best description I have seen! However, I do disagree with your last statement “Its purpose is to procure the finest attribute of humanity: our capacity for thought.” I think that the finest attribute of humanity is: our capacity to give selflessly.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for the compliments, Darrel!

      I think one of the best aspects of TED/TEDx is that it encourages us to engage in dialogue across such subjects as the finest attributes of humanity.

      I say “the capacity for thought” because, in my opinion, one’s ability to think well underlies the creation of ideas worth spreading. The generation of such ideas necessarily precludes every innovative, inspirational, and even philanthropical, action.

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