Creative Chemistry

Cooking, this time.

I’ve just made pizza.  Here is how.

“Dough” is flash roasted pita rounds dusted with olive oil, salt pepper and oregano.

Quartered cherry tomatoes and crushed red pepper, oregano, onion powder, cumin, dry seared over roasted garlic and sea salt.  No oil. set aside while cooking basil nut mix

Sliced basil sauted in tomato spice splashed with olive and coconut oils.  Sauteed sunflower seeds. slivered almonds, “crunchy mix“.  I call it whole roasted meta-pesto.

Fresh chopped mozzarella.

Scatter crust with tomatoes, mozzarella, roast pesto.  Sprinkle with shaved romano cheese.

Bake until you smell Italian food.


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