Art Show Like No Other: Lady GaGa

Seldom is creativity so bizarre that it can be labeled intriguing, disturbing, sparkly, and absurd. Modern art sometimes fits this bill..after watching the video for Bad Romance and ending with a confused and strange feeling, I’ve decided “modern art” is the only way I could attempt to classify the unclassifiable Lady Gaga’s works. Brace yourself before you watch it. It blurs through claw-like dances, kidnapping, poisoning, prostitution, diamonds, murder, and a dead polar name a few.

I call it art because the video is her abstract representation of a story. I Googled her explanation of this new wonder, and indeed, there is a plot. I’ll summarize.

Lady Gaga takes a bath to wash off her “badness” (which I assume is represented by the broken-style dancing that preceeds it). She is kidnapped by supermodels, who drug her, pour vodka down her throat, rip her clothes off, and ship her to an upscale whore house. Shots of Gaga dancing for an auction house of men while strewn in jewels are disected by clips of a reptilian-esque gaga – the beauty and the beast. Jump to a shot of the winning bidder sitting on a bed, awaiting his prize, who is shown walking up to meet him. A polar bear skin conceals a pyrotechnic bra which our little lady uses to torch the customer alive. The finale is a cigarette-smoking Lady Gaga laying in bed by the charred corpse. Hm.

Baffling, yes. Words obviously fall short. But I cannot help but find it curious and intriguing that so much organized absurdity can come from one musician/creative genius. Every detail is considered, each symbolism carefully thought out. Much like a Picasso or Matisse, the beauty lies in the bending of what we know. The first time I saw Guernica it seemed unfathomable that it could ever compare to Louis David’s immaculately executed Coronation of Napoleon; however, as I looked deeper, I found the appeal of Picasso to be in his creative portrayal of reality. This artist’s talent pulled the viewer away from her standard conception. He forced an openmindedness and reconsideration of “normal” that lay foundations for innumerable other alternative methods of expression. In my opinion, Lady GaGa does the same thing. Like all abstract and modern art, she is neither universally appealing nor understandable by our conventional means. And like all great artists, she wields elegant talent while remaining unscathed by the barrages of criticism that accompany it. To me, who will never step onto the streets in the things this woman drapes, sticks, balances, or paints onto her body, the core aspect of her appeal remains beautifully simple: She makes damn good sound!

And now, the much anticipated and rarely understood Lady GaGa in “Bad Romance” :


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